1. Yu, Qiuping, Gad Allon, and Achal Bassamboo (2017), “How do Delay Announcements Shape Customer Behavior? An Empirical Study,” Management Science, 63(1): 1-20.
  2. Yu, Qiuping, Gad Allon, Achal Bassamboo, and Seyed Iravani (2017), “Managing Customer Expectations and Priorities in Service Systems,” forthcoming, Management Science.
Papers under Review/Revision
  1. The Reference Effect of Delay Announcements: a Field Experiment“, with Gad Allon and Achal Bassamboo, 2nd round Major Revision at Management Science
  2. Call to Duty: Just-in-Time Scheduling in a Restaurant Chain“, with Masoud Kamalahmadi and Yong-Pin Zhou, Major Revision, 2nd Round review at Management Science
  3. A Quality Value Chain Network: Linking Supply Chain Quality to Customer Lifetime Value“, with Shawn Mankad and Masha Shunko, under revision, Reject and Resubmit at Management Science
  4. Linking Delay Announcements, Abandonment, and Staffing: A Behavioral Perspective“, with Kurt Bretthauer and Eric Webb, submitted
  5. How To Find Your Most Valuable Service Outlets: Measuring Influence Using Network Analysis“, with Shawn Mankad and Masha Shunko, submitted
Working Papers
  1. Delay Information On A Ridesharing Platform: A Large Scale Field Experiment”, with Yiming Zhang and Yong-Pin Zhou